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Latest Hair Styling Advice Articles

  • Why Use a Titanium Hair Straightener with Negative Ions?

    Titanium offers many features and benefits in a hair styling tool. Titanium provides amazing durability under high heats and offers an even heat distribution. Scratch resistant and extremely durable, Titanium is a great benefit for a hair iron that will last you many years. When combined with ceramic, negative ions and tourmaline, Titanium works to enhance your hair's hydration and shine. Eliminate frizz, enhance shine, and improve the overall look of your hair. Your hair is left hydrated, soft and healthier.Your hair is left hydrated, soft and healthier


  • Types of Hair Dryers

    There are three major types of hair dryers: ionic, ceramic and tourmaline. Ionic dryers use negative ions to shrink water droplets in the hair. Ceramic dryers contain ceramic coils. Unlike metal, this material is said to self-regulate to prevent overheating. Lastly, tourmaline, a gemstone typically added to the heater of hair dryers, is thought to generate a higher number of negative ions than regular ionic dryers. Negative ions close the cuticle layer to create a smooth, silky hair surface and seal in the hair’s natural moisture. This provides ultimate shine, color and moisture protection for hair. Negative ions also eliminate static electricity on the hair surface so hair is left silky and frizz-free! The top-rated dryers all use one of these three types. Shop Now


  • What Are Texturizing Shears

    Texturizing shears have wider teeth and feature more space between the teeth. These shears cut a more substantial piece of the hair than blending shears, but create added volume and texture through layering. After making a cut with these shears, the shorter hairs will lay underneath to support the longer hair. 


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