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YS Park Hair Styling Products

YS Park Hair Styling Products are designed to meet the most demanding hair fashions.

YS Park

YS Park is renowned the world over for the superb hair styling products and we are proud to carry their line of hair products.

YS Park Combs

All YS Park Combs sold on our website are authentic YS Park Products! YS Park desire to achieve a maximum result with the least amount of effort was achieved with the introduction of YS Park cutting and styling combs. Shop from all our YS Park Combs or browse by category:

Characteristic of all YS Park combs it is virtually indestructible,  and has a very smooth surface and ultra refined teeth to grip even the finest of hair perfectly. It comes in a kaleidoscope of fashion forward colors and every new color released is a hair nerds dream.

YS Park combs are designed with many features that allow stylists to work quickly and creatively while being gentle on the hair.

YS Park Brushes

All YS Park Brushes sold on our website are authentic YS Park Brushes! The bristle formula on YS Park brushes is perfect for fine curly hair and great for blondes too. It grips and slips like a velcro roller never pulling or tugging on hair. Shop from all our YS Park Brushes or browse by category:

Blonde boar bristles are reinforced with white nylon that’s gentle on the hair with, superb grab for root lift. The Extended cork handle is the most comfortable and durable you will ever use!

YS Park CORK handled brushes:
Cork handle brushes have an amazing ergonomic grip that makes blow outs more comforting to the stylist, so they can connect more with the hair and the client.

YS Park BOAR bristled brushes:
Natural boar bristles distribute the oils in the hair naturally, giving an instant shine and vitality to the scalp and hair.

YS Park WOOD handled brushes:
Ibiza uses only certified eco friendly woods that are not endangered.

YS Park Clips

All YS Park Hair Clips sold on our website are authentic YS Park Products! Made from extruded aluminum and then anodized in fun, attractive colors, YS Park brings a new level of sophistication to the clip. The YS Park Clip’s aluminum body, anodized coating and stainless steel spring make it a resilient partner to the stylist that demands performance and durability.

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