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Hikari Hair Styling Scissors

Authentic Hikari Shears - Hair styling scissors designed to meet the most demanding hair thinning needs.

Hikari Shears

All Hikari scissors are truly handmade, featuring Precision Convex Blades and Vacuum Heat Tempered Alloys. Here, you will find the finest collection of haircutting instruments. Each designed with unique features and technical applications, and finished to perfection with an immaculate attention to precision and detail.

Already know you are interested in Hikari Shears? As an authorized dealer of Hikari, we will never try to sell you an imitation. Browse our full line of authentic Hikari Shears 

We are confident that you will agree: "If you love to cut hair, there’s no better choice than HIKARI Shears!"

The Hikari scissors line consists of:

Hikari E-Series, Model E1, E2, or E5

View E-Series shears

Hikari Cobalt Alloy E Series:
GOOD – Hikari’s entry level shears, an excellent entree to the world’s best scissors. The density of cobalt alloys ensures this series performs powerfully with a “crisp”, sharp feel that holds up to aggressive hair cutting techniques.Model numbers E-Series:
E1 – 4.5″ Offset w/removable rest
E2 – 5.0″ Offset w/removable rest
E1a – 4,4″ Offset w/removable rest and anatomic ring finger
E2a – 5.0″ Offset w/removable rest and anatomic ring finger
E5 – 5.5″ Offset w/removable restB-Series:
B2 – 6.0″ “Crane” w/sculptured finger rest

Hikari New Chikara Cutting Shears

View New Chikara shears

Hikari New Chikara Series:
BETTER – New power can be found in this slender, light-weight scissor series. Its molybdenum alloy seems to “melt” through the hair, while the Rylon glide provides accuracy from pivot to point.Model numbers:
C475 – 4.75″ with removable rest
C500 – 5.0″ with removable rest
C575 – 5.75″ with removable rest

Hikari New Cosmos, Model 113

View New Cosmos cutting shears

HIkari New Cosmos Series:
BEST! The ultimate in scissor design!
Composed of an even more expensive molybdenum alloy, with 2 Rylon glides. Nothing compares to New Cosmos’ sharpness, accuracy, and smoothness – it truly MELTS through the hair!
Available with anatomic grip, giving the stylist maximum comfort and agility. New Cosmos Cutting Shears offer the sharpest edge!Model numbers:
100* – 4.5″ w/ anatomic grip
102 – 5.5″ w/ standard handle and removable rest
103* – 5.0″ w/ anatomic grip
201 – 5.5″ Offset w/ permanent tang
113 – 5.5″ w/ anatomic grip & removable rest
161 – 5.5″ “Beam”- Crane handle w/ anatomic grip and removable rest
162 – 6.0″ “Beam”- Crane handle w/ anatomic grip and removable rest
203* – 6.0″ w/ anatomic grip
300 – 6.5″ Offset w/ permanent tang
301 – 7.0″ Offset w/ permanent tang* Models 100, 103, and 203 available with removable finger rest for an additional charge.

Hikari Dry Cut Series Scissors

View Dry-Cut Scissors

Hikari Dry Cut Series:
Many years of research and development were devoted to the design of Hikari’s latest scissor line: The Dry Cut Series. The Dry Cut scissors were specifically designed for today’s new Dry Cutting techniques. These scissors are made of new proprietary alloys and feature a unique powerful blade design. They are the first scissors specifically designed for Dry Cutting.Model Numbers:
Moda Z Z58, B-Dry 163, ARC 165 and 168, 153 Dry cutting Shears

HIkari Texturizing Series

View these texturizing shears

HIkari Texturizing Series:
Hikari’s Texturizing scissors permit greater versatility in design creation. Tooth spacing allows control over the specific amount of hair to be removed.Model numbers:
511 – 5.0″ 11T, 40% removal, “chunker” or “notching” shear
5022 – 5.0″ 22T, 20-25% hair removal w/ standard handle
6032 – 6.0″ 32T, 20-25% hair removal, offset w/ permanent tang
6040 – 6.0″ 40T, 12-17% hair removal, offset w/ permanent tang
726 – 6.0″ 25T, 70% hair removal, offset w/ permanent tang
Trendy 741 – 5.75″ 30T, 8% hair removal, standard handle w/ removable restT=Teeth

Hikari Lefty L-604 and L-605

View Left-handed shears

Hikari Left-Handed Series:
The Hikari Lefty is really the Left-handed New Cosmos with offset handle and finger tang. It features the same superb quality of the New Cosmos, made with MOLYBDENUM, an alloy superior to cobalt or stainless steel. Sizes: 5.5″, 6.0″.Model numbers: L604 and L605


To ensure satisfaction of ownership, HIKARI scissors are supported by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Warranty service is provided even in the event of accidental dropping. Service after the sale is an important consideration and HIKARI Factory Certified Technicians provide a quality of service that is clearly unmatched. See also our page on maintenance on Hikari shears.

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