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Etaro Hair Styling Scissors

Authentic Etaro Shears - Hair styling scissors designed to meet the most demanding hair thinning needs.

Etaro Scissors

As with all Hikari scissors, Etaro scissors are made with the highest quality Japanese steel and tempered to Hikari’s stringent specifications. The specified base is then crafted into the legendary Hikari blades by shaping, sharpening, and refinishing. Lastly, Hikari USA individually perfects each scissor’s balance, subjects it to rigorous testing, and confirms it passes Hikari USA’s comprehensive final inspection. Hikari USA has sole responsibility for all crucial specifications and quality controls, thereby ensuring Etaro scissor reflects its Hikari heritage.

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More about Etaro Scissors

Sharp, smooth and effortless cutting. Amazing performance at a fantastic price!

Hikari USA is proud to introduce Etaro!

After many years of extensive research, innovation, and testing, Hikari Products USA, Inc. (HPI) is taking the unprecedented step of introducing an entirely new line of scissors. These new scissors provide the coveted Hikari performance at an amazing price!

The exciting new Etaro scissors exhibit precision and quality far above its price range. While Hikari scissors are undoubtedly the best scissors in the world, there are situations and budgets that do not facilitate an investment in a Hikari scissor. For budget-conscious stylists, who won’t sacrifice on quality, Etaro scissors are the perfect choice.

Etaro Shears Feature Hikari Craftsmanship

Etaro scissors are made with the finest quality Japanese steel and tempered to Hikari’s stringent specifications. The initial base for Etaro scissors is formed in China and then imported into the United States, to Hikari Products USA where Hikari-certified craftsmen shape and sharpen the blades creating the famous Hikari Precision Convex Edge. The blades are then balanced and polished to perfection. The result is the famous Hikari "melting through the hair feel."

Please note that Hikari invented the convex edge and although many scissor companies may claim to have a similar type of edge, none of the imitations are comparable to the Hikari edge. There is only one Hikari Precision Convex edge, and every stylist can feel the difference.

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