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Which Is The Correct Scissor Type For You? Beveled or Convex Blades

Choosing the hair cutting shears that are perfect for you can be a complicated and difficult decision, with thousands of hair shears to choose from. In order to make your hair shear decision easier and less complex, there are three determining factors to consider when selecting your ideal hair cutting shears.

These are:

  • Choosing a scissor blade type for your hair shears that will give you the performance you need, this includes taking into consideration edge type and material.
  • Selecting a scissor handle that is ergonomic and will provide maximum comfort in your preferred style of cutting.
  • Choosing a length.

A hair shear's blade type will have a direct effect on its performance and cutting ability. Often thought of as one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing haircutting shears, this decision should not be taken lightly.

Scissor manufacturing techniques have evolved tremendously over the last few decades. Innovative new forging and crafting techniques have been developed leading to a variety of hair cutting scissor blade types being released into the market. Below we explain the blade types that you are most likely to encounter when purchasing a new pair of beauty or barber shears.

Beveled Edged Blades

The beveled edge blade design is one of the oldest and most commonly used in hair shear production today. This blade type can cut well but requires considerably more force and pressure than convex blades currently on the market. Although predominantly the least expensive blade type, a major drawback of the beveled edge for hair shears is that it can't be used for advanced cutting techniques such as slide cutting.

 Convex Edged Blades    

This type of hair shear blade design is extremely powerful and facilitates smooth and sharp cutting. As the outer face of the blade is curved, this blade type is especially suitable for slide cutting and allows for more advanced cutting techniques to be used. The sharper angle of the cutting edge on a convex hair shear makes them cut smoother and stay sharp longer. Due to these attributes, this blade type is harder to make than others, so professional hairdressing shears with convex edges are usually more expensive.

All scissors on StaySharpShears website are convex edge blades. if you need assistance with selecting a blade type, please contact us.

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