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Matsuzaki Mantis 77 Cut R Cutting Shears

Matsuzaki Mantis 77 Cut R Cutting Shears

Matsuzaki Mantis 77 Cut R Cutting Shears

Shear is ideal for cubic hair designs.

$945.00 USD

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6-Star Cutting Shear by Matteck Matsuzaki -Single Sasaba Blade -Sickle Blade -MM Cobalt By combining a blade with a unique curvature (Sickle Blade) and Sasabe (Bamboo Leaf) blade, this shear is ideal for cubic hair designs. Pitch of the blade and Stopper position is adjustable to keep the shear perfectly balanced all the time. -Available size: 6.0 in.

With this unique shape of blade, that was originally developed by MATSUZAKI after the image of praying mantis, which we call sickle blade and sasaba blade make this model a truly unique cutting scissors.

When blunt cutting these sickles blades don't let go hair. When slide cutting the sasaba blades makes easy a smooth sliding. This model is the product of joining our cutting-edge technology and experience.

  • Heavy weight: It absorbs shock of hair cutting.It is excellent in operation.
  • Edge line of a blade is more rounded than standard, which makes hairs slide to the tip of blades. We call such a blade SASABA ( like a bamboo leaf ).
  • High grade material of Matsuzaki Original containing Cobalt with special steel.
  • It is suitable to make a straight cutting line.
  • It is suitable for sliding cut.
  • Style of blades back is different between active and inactive in one scissor, it makes an individual cutting feelings.

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