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YS Park 120EL1 Brush

YS Park 120EL1 Brush

YS Park 120EL1 Brush

Mixed Boar Bristles and Nylon Pins, Air Holes: 384 ,Width: 48% Greather than Standard

$133.95 USD

The YS Park 120EL1 Brush features oval, hollowed wood and nylon pins with all natural boar bristles. All YS Park EL Series Brushes are made with all natural boar bristle. The long heat resistant boar bristles smoothly grab and lustrously straighten the hair, resulting in a finish incomparable to any other. The extended width on the brush allows you to get the drying done using 3 sections instead of the average 5 sections. The air holes on the handle allows better grip, providing incredible control over each stroke.

  • 384 Air Holes
  • Size: D 3.4" x L 11.1"
  • The width of this brush is about 48% greater than the standard brush

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