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YS Park Lap Dragon Air Brush

YS Park Lap Dragon Air Brush

YS Park Lap Dragon Air Brush

Anti-Static Pins, Soft Pin and Air Vented Cushion, Size: D 2.5 x H 1.9 x L 8.9

$32.95 USD

YS Park Lap Dragon Air Brush


  • Anti-Static Pins
  • Soft Pin and Air Vented Cushion
  • 28 Lines x 9 Rows
  • Size: D 2.5 x H 1.9 x L 8.9

Efficient and practical, the YS Lap Dragon Air Vent Styler Brush is made with anti-static and heat resistant pins. Specially sized to suit all blow drying needs; faster drying means less heat damagae and more energy saved. Special designed pins are soft and gentle to the scalp. With a super light body for a better airflow, the handle's comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to prevent clammy hands, providing the stylist incredible control over each stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel, the YS Park Lap Dragon Air vent Styler Brush is one of a kind. Super Soft Feel and Fast Drying!

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