Y.S. Park Luster Wood Styler Brush 501

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Y.S. Park Luster Wood Styler Brush 501   Free Shipping On orders Over $100, USA Orders Only
Y.S. Park Luster Wood Styler Brush 501


  • Lightweight – 3.0 oz
  • 23 Lines x 13 Rows
  • W 3.2 x H 1.9 x L 9.1
  • Wooden
  • Boar and Nylon Bristles
  • Heat Resistant

Dynamically smooth, the Y.S. Park 501 Luster Wood Styler Brush is made with nylon pins and all natural boar bristles. With superb resistance against heat and moisture the rubber portion of brush, where the bristles are implanted, has the resistance needed for creating glistening straight hair. Specially sized to suit all needs; stronger always means better.

With a super light hollowed wood body for a better airflow, the handle’s comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to prevent clammy hands, providing the stylist incredible control over each stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel, the Y.S. Park 501 Lustet Wood Styler Brush is undeniably the best of its kind.

Price: $55.00
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